DEWCom II 2-Wire Dewpoint Transmitter

A low cost, 2-wire, loop powered rugged dewpoint transmitter for continuous measurement of the moisture content of compressed air or process gas.



  •     -100°C to +20°C dewpoint range
  •     Measurement range 0.01 to 23,000 ppm(V) 
  •     2-wire
  •     8 to 36 V DC operation
  •     Linear 4-20 mA signal
  •     Ingress protection IP65
  •     Rapid response time
  •     Long term calibration stability
  •     Traceable to National Standards


An advanced dewpoint transmitter

The DEWCom II Dewpoint Transmitter makes monitoring dewpoints as easy as measuring temperature or pressure, and can be instantly incorporated into air or gas measurement and control systems. STORK's highly automated manufacturing, calibration and test processes make the DEWCom II not only a very rugged and reliable instrument but also very competitive in price. By taking advantage of STORK's exchange sensor program, users can be assured that their process moisture measurement facility is never interrupted. It is very easy to install and maintain and comes with a full world-wide backup and service program.


Quality and Performance derived from Technological Superiority
At the heart of the DEWCom II Dewpoint Transmitter is STORK's proprietary bi-ceramic detector (see technology section for more information). State of the art electronics design mean that any DC power source from 8 to 36 VDC may be used to drive the transmitter. The instrument may be operated over a wide pressure range (vacuum to 300 bar) and it is not flow-rate sensitive. It incorporates an in-built diagnostics system which provides a signal if the reading is over-range, under range or the line connection has failed. A sintered stainless steel filter guard screens the detector from particulates and provides very high level mechanical protection. Calibration certainty is assured by a fully automatic calibration system traceable to international standards (see calibration section).


DEWCom II Accessories:

DEWCom Monitor II

The  DEWCom II Dewpoint Transmitter  has  been  designed  for  use  in  industrial applications where standard  4-20mA instrumentation systems are installed. For stand-alone applications, the transmitter may be connected with the STORK DEWCom Monitor II, which provides the necessary electrical driving power for the transmitter; it allows display in several different hygrometric units on a modern 20mm digital panel and provides 2 alarm/switching functions and outputs.





DewCom thread adapters

DEWCom thread adapters

For applications where the standard DEWCom 5/8''-18 UNF process connection thread is not suitable, two thread adapters can be ordered to allow connection to G1/2'' or G3/4'' female thread. 



DewCom Interface

DEWCom Interface                                                            
The DEWCom transmitter is factory configured. The DEWCom interface is employed in cases, where the user wishes to configure the DEWCom transmitter in his own plant. (Dimensions 35x20x60)



DEWCom Sensor Block
Employed where the user wishes to install the transmitter off-line. Fittings extra according to customer requirement.


DewCom Sensor Block




Measurement Range (dewpoint)                          -100 to +20°C dew point
Accuracy (dewpoint) ±2°C dew point
Response Time 1  min to T95 (dry to wet)
Repeatability 0.5°C dew point
Calibration Traceable 7 point calibration certificate



Output Signal                                                                                                                    4-20 mA current source, configurable over the entire range
Dew point -100 to +20°C
                 -148 to +68°F
                  0,01-23,000 ppm(v)                   
ppm(v) output or non-standard dew point range may be specified at time of order   
Supply voltage 8 - 36 VDC
Load Resistance Max 660 Ω @ 24 V
160 Ω @ 12 V
Current Consumption  23mA max 
CE marked  



Operating Temperature                                                                                  -40 to +60°C
Operating Humidity                                                                  0–100% RH
Operating Pressure 40 MPa max
Flow Rate 0.2 to 5 l/min mounted in standard sampling block;
0 to 10 ms-1 direct insertion
Temperature Coefficient Temperature compensated across operating temperature range



Ingress Protection Sensor IP65  
Housing Material Stainless steel  
Dimensions 114mm x 30mm dia  
Weight 170g  
Filter 5μm sintered guard  
Interchangeability Fully interchangeable without need to set or calibrate on site  
Fault Conditions
(factory programmed)                                                                                            
Sensor fault
Under-range dew point
Over-range dew point
23 mA (or 3.5mA, programmable)
4 mA
20 mA





PDF Version

DEWCom Transmitter Manual

DEWCom Interface Manual