The moisture content of air and other gases is an important parameter which must be measured, and often controlled as well, in industrial and laboratory applications. The following list gives only a few examples of the many areas where our instruments for humidity measurement - impedance and cooled mirror dewpoint hygrometers find use.


Nuclear power station Conventional coal fired power station
Natural gas terminal Technical gases  (fot. Messer Polska Sp. z o.o.)
  Compressed Air

Compressed and dried process air.

  • Natural gas transmission and processing
  • Manufacture, bottling and quality control of technical gases
  • Breathing air used by fire and rescue services and in medical research
  • Calibration of hygrometers
  • Plastics molding
  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Military/Defence
  • Pipeline and vessel drying
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacture
  • Electric Power generation and transmission
  • Research and Development
  • Semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Nuclear industries

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