DEWRanger-UNO Portable Hygrometer

A compact and easy to use portable hygrometer which includes an integral sampling system for quick measurement of compressed air or process gas moisture content.


  • -100°Cdp to +20°Cdp
  • Calibration traceable to international standards
  • Rapid response
  • Rugged IP 67 enclosure
  • Line or atmospheric dewpoint measurement
  • Integral sampling system
  • Graphic display, 4-digits
  • Charging from DC source or 12V DC


Simple and Affordable

The STORK DEWRanger-UNO portable hygrometer has been engineered to make moisture measurements in air and  process gases on plants or in the field simple and quick. The totally self-contained instrument arrives ready to use.

The DEWRanger-UNO is economical to buy and easy to operate. Automated manufacturing allows us to keep the price low. Operating costs are also low, because the DEWRanger-UNO is reliable and durable. The DEWRanger-UNO utilizes the DEWCom dewpoint transmitter which means that calibration re-certification is achieved by sending just the transmitter to one of our service stations. Even better, by buying - in to our exchange sensor program, the user is assured of interruption free availability of his instrument.


Fully Integrated Sampling System
The DEWRanger-UNO incorporates a complete sampling system which allows practical connection to any air or gas line, clean or dirty, at up to 3 MPa pressure.


The DEWRanger-UNO portable hygrometer employs a graphic display 4-digits which in normal mode displays the measured value in large digits as well as battery charge indication.


Battery and Charging
The DEWRanger-UNO is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery giving a working time between charges of approximately min 24 hours. Charging time from a 100V-240V ac supply or a 12V automobile socket is 2-3 hours.


The hygrometer is equipped with a 4-20 mA output for connection to a chart recorder.




Dewpoint Detector: Stork Instruments advanced bi-ceramic Dewpoint Transmitter

Flow rate:

Operating Temperature:
Operating Pressure:

Power supply:




Power consumption:

Ingress protection:
Sample connections:

Sample tube:
Calibration Certificate:

-100°C to +20°C, -148°F to +68°F, 0.5 to 23,000 parts per million(v)

+/- 2°Cdp

0.5-5.0 l/min

0°C to +35°C ambient

0.1-3.0 MPa

Graphic display, 4-digits

analog 4-20 mA

12V DC (accepts 10...20V)
Li-ion battery giving up to min 24h use
Charging time 2 to 3h


max 14W (when charging)

Peli Yellow polypropylene

IP67 (closed case), IP50(open case)

1/4 inch Swagelock or quick connect


Membrane filter contact

Traceable to international standards

3,0 kg



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