Andrew Michell, founder

I have been an inventor all my life. Invention for me is a passion which drives my creativity.  It is the source of professional satisfaction and is a crucible for new products. The measurement of moisture in gases, has been the main focus of this passion for over 40 years. My career in this field began at Shaw Moisture Meters in the 1970s and continued when I founded Michell Instruments and developed that company into a world leader. I sold my shares in Michell Instruments in 2006 and no longer have any personal or commercial relationship with either Shaw Moisture Meters or with Michell Instruments.


I have in recent years, received many requests from all over the world to return to the specialized field of moisture measurement and to apply my skills to the development of a new range of hygrometers. Stork Instruments was founded by me in 2014 to respond to this new challenge. 


I and my team at Stork Instruments look forward to working together with our customers all over the world.


Andrew K Michell