We manufacture advanced technology humidity measurement instruments in gases in the following specialized categories:

  • Impedance hygrometers primarily for the measurement of humidity in air and industrial gases in the trace, low and intermediate range region; which read out in units of dewpoint temperature, parts per million or parts per billion.
  • Chilled mirror dewpointmeters for precision measurement over the low, intermediate, normal and high humidity levels, which read out in dewpoint temperature, parts per million or relative humidity.


We specialize in the more demanding precision and low level humidity measurement areas.  We have taken the decision not make capacitive, or resistance relative humidity sensors. There are many competent makers of this type of hygrometer in the world.


Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities and marketed throughout the world. Calibrations are carried out in a laboratory which offers traceability to international humidity standards.


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