STORK Instruments, 3 operating centers in Europe cover research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, supply logistics


Stork Instruments is a pan-European specialist manufacturer of humidity measurement instruments dewpoint hygrometers, portable dewpoint hygrometers and dewpoint transmitters. Our passion is humidity measurement  - humidity instruments, humidity transmitters, moisture meters in gases. We have three operating centers in Europe, these cover research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing and supply logistics. In addition we have a growing world-wide network of sales and service facilities. The company has its origins in the pioneering work of its founder and owner - Andrew Michell whose experience in the field of hygrometry goes back 40 years. It was his research and development work, which  began in 1974 at Cambridge University's Cavendish Laboratory, that professionalized the hygrometry industry.  Until that time the measurement of moisture in gases had been more of a black art than a science.


Kings College Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory


Andrew Michell's invention of the thin film aluminum oxide capacitive sensor and the high sensitivity chilled mirror dewpoint hygrometer in the 1970s were technologies which revolutionized moisture measurement in gases. While heading Michell Instruments, a company with which he is no longer connected, he worked together with Britain's National Physical Laboratory in the 1980s to create a national humidity standard which, for the first time in the United Kingdom, brought calibration certainty to humidity measurement, in line with already existing standards for temperature and pressure. This led to the construction of a transfer standard funded by the European Union's Bureau of Reference in Brussels, which enabled inter-comparisons to be made between national standards laboratories all over the world.


Thirty years on, customers have become even more demanding. In particular, better accuracy, speed of response, reliability and performance are required by them. These are driven especially by the need for industry to conform to the ISO 9001 quality standards.


To meet these needs a team, led by Andrew Michell, has spent several years developing two next generation sensor technologies - the bi-ceramic impedance sensor and the split beam reflex chilled-mirror dewpoint meter. These, coupled to state of the art electronics, offer significant advantages over earlier products. Stork Instruments now offer a range of instruments based on these new technologies, as well as calibration services, exchange sensors and a full after care service.